Dark Warrior Labradorite

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Dark Blue Flash. Labradorite shows blue hues. This pendant is huge, its perfect statement piece. Back is open so the flash is on both sides. 

Currently on a 27” chain but can be shortened to any length if you send me a message.

Each stone and copper formation is unique. 

The copper is formed around the edge of the entire stone and back, only the front is exposed. 

Necklace comes gift wrapped for easy gift giving.

100% Handmade in San Diego, CA. 

Copper electroform process is a multi step process that when finished you have copper bonded to the surface of the stone. The bonding process can take up to 24 hrs but the steps before and after can take several days. 

Copper jewelry does patina over time, I will include a small cloth if you choose to brighten up the copper.